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Composing Numbers is best explained as when small numbers are combined to make an even bigger number. 


  • For example, 1 and 4 makes the number 5. This makes 1 and 4 a composition of 5. 
  • There can be more than one way to express compositions, just like with 5, it can also be composed of 3 and 2. 
  • Having said that composition of numbers has two parts. First is the whole which is the number that is bigger and the parts which are smaller number that makes up the whole.

Composing Numbers Worksheet (Olympics Themed) Worksheets

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Ages 5-6 (Basic)

  • Archery Scores!
  • 3 on 3 Basketball
  • Diving Champion
  • The Relay Race
  • 10’s 10’s 10’s Across the Board

Ages 6-7 (Advanced)

  • Volleyball Fever
  • Boxing Champion
  • Weightlifting Fairies
  • Semifinals Match
  • The Grand Champion