Free Factors & Multiples worksheets and activities

Listed below are several examples and other resources including factors & multiples worksheets and printable factors & multiples tables and charts. You'll also find tips and guidance to help you help your child with factors & multiples along with several factors & multiples games as a fun alternative to the printable resources.

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Practice finding factors with examples, worksheets, and games.

Identify prime numbers and distinguish them from composite ones.

Use factor trees to find a number's prime factors.

Find the greatest common factor of two or more numbers.

Calculate multiples and those common to two or more numbers.

Learn more about factors.

See more examples and guidance on multiples.

Factors and Multiples Worksheets

You'll find the worksheets below under Resources section of and they are also listed individually on the pages in this section that contain related guidance and worked examples.

Worksheets With Guided Practice