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Box Plots (Box and Whisker Plots) (Construction Themed) Math Worksheets

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What is a box plot?

  • A box plot is also called box and whisker plots.
  • It is a type of graph that displays variation in a data set.
  • It displays the five-number summary: minimum, first quartile, median, third quartile and maximum.

What are the uses of box and whisker plots?

  • Used in comparing data from different categories for easier and more effective decision-making.
  • Used to provide a visual summary of the data enabling researchers to quickly identify mean values, the dispersion of the data set, and signs of skewness.



  • MEDIAN (Q2/50th Percentile): The middle value of the dataset.
  • INTERQUARTILE RANGE: 25th to the 75th percentile
  • FIRST QUARTILE (Q1/25th Percentile): The middle number between the smallest number and the median of the dataset.
  • THIRD QUARTILE (Q2/75th Percentile): The middle value between the median and the highest value of the dataset.
  • MINIMUM The smallest number in the dataset located at the end of the left whisker.
  • MAXIMUM The largest number in the dataset located at the end of the right whisker.


  1. Arrange the given data from smallest to largest.
  2. Find the median of the given data set. Note that the median is  the mean of the middle two numbers.
  3. Find the quartiles. The first quartile (Q1)is the median of the data points to the left of the median. The third quartile (Q3) is the median of the data points to the right of the median.
  4. Identify the minimum and maximum to complete the five-number summary.
  5. Create a Line Plot. Scale and label it that fits the five-number summary.
  6. Create a box above the line plot from Q1 to Q3. Draw a vertical line through a median. 
  7. The last step is to draw a whisker from Q1 to the minimum value and from Q3 to the maximum value. 

Box Plots (Box and Whisker Plots) (Construction Themed) Worksheets

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