Money Word Problems Worksheet – #2

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Word Problems Involving Comparison of Numbers
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Answer the word problems below. Highlight the important words and numbers. Remember to write you answer in a full sentence.
1. Jackson goes to the movies with a friend. His ticket costs $8.25. He buys some popcorn ($2.75) and a soda ($2.50). If he started the day with $15, how much money does he have left over?

First add the three amounts: $8.25 + $2.75 + $2.50 = $13.50
Then subtract from the amount he started with $15.00 - $13.50 = $1.50

Jackson has $1.50 left over.

2. Venus and Molly are selling candies to raise money for charity. They buy 80 bags of candy for $0.50 each. They sell all of them for $1.25 each. How much profit did they make? Hint: The profit is the difference between what the candies cost them and what they sold them for.

Multiply to find out our much they paid: $0.50 x 80 = $40.00.
Multiply to find out how much they sold them for: $1.25 x 80 = $100.00
Subtract to find their profit: $100.00 - $40.00 = $60.00

They made $60.00 profit.

3. Terry earned $15.56 from washing cars, $20.99 from helping her sister with her homework, and $23.75 from cleaning the house. She then bought a new dress for $35. How much money does Terry have left from what she earned after buying the dress?

Add the three amounts to find out how much Terry earned: $15.56 + $20.99 + $23.75 = $60.30.
Subtract what she spent: $60.30 - $35.00 = $25.30

Terry has $25.30 left after buying the dress.

4. Chris buys 12 candy bars at $0.50 each. If he sells them all in equal amounts for the same price to three friends, how much money will each friend give Chris?

Multiply $0.50 by 12 ($0.50 x 12 = $6.00)
Divide $6.00 by 3 ($6.00 ÷ 3 = $2.00)

Each friend will give Chris $2.00.

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