Free printable math flash cards

This By Subject section lists math examples, guidance, and other resources under their subject heading. Click on the icons for more detailed descriptions.

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The flash cards are listed below alongside an example of the type of question they contain. These cards can be used whenever there is a spare minute or two to practice basic facts.

Before working with the flash cards and with other memorization methods, be sure that your child has an understanding of the arithmetic concepts. Working with real objects such as counters (buttons or anything that can easily be manipulated will do) will help develop such an understanding.

The following cards and similar resources can help with memorizing math facts.

Number Cards

The five documents below contain number cards from 1 to 100. There are four numbers on each page and they can be cut to make individual number cards. Each card includes an illustration of the quantity that the number represents.

The 7-page document below has number cards that can be used to show numbers to 999 in their expanded form.

Addition Flash Cards Sets

Subtraction Flash Cards Sets

Multiplication Flash Cards Sets

Division Flash Cards Sets

Using the flash cards to practice math

  1. Each document (or set) contains multiple pages. Select the Print Flash Cards option and print all (or the number you wish) pages.
  2. Cut pages into halves as shown on the cards. (you can do more than one page at a time)
  3. Fold each card along the fold line
  4. Arrange and stack the math flash cards and work through the stack with your child at whatever speed suits. Note the questions and answers on the flip-side of each card that are shown to help you check your child’s responses.

Fact Triangles

This 7-page document has fact triangles for multiplication and division covering the 2x to 10x tables. The 7 pages provide small, medium, and large-sized versions of the triangles, all of which are formatted to make cutting them out as easy as possible.

Example of fact triangle document

Open and print the original fact triangles sheet we published prior to updating it with the 7-page version above.

Fraction Cards

The 10-page document below contain printable fraction cards with halves, thirds, fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, and tenths. Each one shows a fraction both with numbers and graphically. The numbers and the shading on the fraction bar can be toggled on and off so that the cards can be used for exercises.

Idea: Switch the numbers and/ or the shading off and get your child to help make the fraction cards.

Online Flash Cards

The links below will open flash cards that don’t need to be printed and that your child can click on to show addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. The questions are random and never ending so they will allow for lots of practice with basic arithmetic facts.

Online Flash Cards For Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, & Division

Online Flash Cards For Multiplication Tables

Note for Teachers: Visit the Download Place if you’d like to put these flashcards or other resources on your own site.