Addition/ Subtraction Word Problems: Worksheet #2

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Solving Word Problems involving Addition and Subtraction of numbers within 120 Worksheets
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Work through the questions below with your children. Help them with words or phrases that are unfamiliar with.

1. Michael and his brother Jacob have eighteen console games altogether. If Michael has twelve of them, how many does Jacob have?

Jacob has six console games.

2. Olivia's family is having a big party. They get all the chairs in the house and put them in one room. They get twelve chairs from downstairs and five chairs from upstairs. How many chairs do they have altogether?

They have seventeen chairs .

3. Jonathon has three more console games than Daniel. If Daniel has eight games, how many does Jonathon have?

Jonathon has eleven console games.

4. Zachary and Taylor are playing chess. Zachary has six pieces left and Taylor has nine pieces left. How many more pieces does Taylor have than Zachary?

Taylor has three more pieces.

5. Robert has seven fewer trading cards than Logan. If Logan has sixteen cards, how many does Robert have?

Robert has nine treading cards.

6. Sydney’s hockey team has six skaters that play defense and nine skaters that play as forwards. How many skaters are on Sydney’s hockey team?

There are fifteen skaters on Sydney's hockey team.

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7. Sophie’s class at school has twenty children. Nine of them are boys. How many are girls?

Eleven of the class are girls.

8. Abigail’s class has eighteen students and Grace’s class has fourteen students. How many fewer students are in Grace’s class?

Grace's class has four fewer students.

9. Maria’s hockey team has six games left until the playoffs. This is two more games more than Morgan’s team has left. How many games does Morgan’s team have left until the playoffs?

Morgan's team have four games left.

10. On Monday a club sells fourteen tickets for a concert. On Tuesday they manage to sell six more than they sold on Monday. How many tickets did they sell on Tuesday?

They sold twenty tickets on Tuesday.

11. Brianna has six male cousins and seven female cousins. How many cousins does Brianna have?

Brianna has thirteen cousins.

12. A soccer team scored eight goals in their last game. They scored two of them in the first half. How many must they have scored in the second half?

They must have scored six goals in the second half.

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13. Brandon’s soccer team has won fifteen games this year. Ryan’s team has won only eight games. How many more games have Brandon’s team won than Ryan’s team?

Brandon's team have won seven more games than Ryan's team.

14. Cameron and Hunter are always trying to beat each other. They have a press-up competition and Hunter does seventeen press-ups. Cameron manages to do two more than Hunter. How many press-ups did Cameron do?

Cameron did nineteen press-ups.

15. Stephanie’s and Mackenzie’s birthdays are close together. Stephanie has seven days to wait until hers. Mackenzie has three days fewer to wait than Stephanie. How many days does Mackenzie have to wait until her birthday?

Mackenzie has to wait four days until her birthday.

16. One train has three carriages and a second train has six carriages. These two trains are joined together to make one long train. How many carriages will this long train have?

The long train will have nine carriages.

17. Dylan gets $2 from his aunt and this means he now has the $20 he needs to buy a present for his Dad. How much did he have before his aunt gave him $2?

He had $18 before his aunt gave him $2.

18. Hayley and Chloe go to different schools. Haley’s school band has three trombone players which is three fewer than in Chloe’s band. How many trombone players are in Chloe’s school band?

There are six trombone players in Chloe's band.

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19. Ethan is counting up the number of friends he has. He counts eleven friends from school and six friends from outside school. How many friends does he have altogether.

He has seventeen friends.

20. Amanda has lost one of her baby teeth which is three fewer than the number of teeth Aaron has lost. How many teeth has Aaron lost?

Aaron has lost four teeth.

21. Emma’s house has five bedrooms. Her friend Madison’s house has three bedrooms. How many fewer bedrooms does Madison’s house have?

Madison's house has two fewer bedrooms than Emma's house.

22. A baseball team scores thirteen runs in a game. Eight of these runs were scored in the first innings. How many runs did they score after the first innings?

They scored five runs after the first innings.

23. Justin’s birthday party was a bit crazy last year so this year he is only having seven people at his party. This is eight fewer than last year. How many people were at the crazy party last year?

There were fifteen people at the crazy party last year.

24. Tyler and Justin decide to sell all their PS2 games. Tyler has four and Justin has five. How many PS2 games do they have to sell altogether?

They have nine PS2 games to sell.

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25. Jack is choosing between two books to read. One has eighteen pages which is three more than the other one. How many pages does the other book have?

The other books has fifteen pages.

26. Anthony and Anna are both good swimmers. At one competition, Anna wins six medals and Anthony wins two medals. How many more medals did Anna win than Anthony?

Anna won four more medals than Anthony.

27. This year Megan has danced in five competitions. This makes a total of twenty competitions that she has ever danced in. How many competitions must she have danced in before this year?

She must have danced in fifteen competitions before this year.

28. Victoria really likes shoes and she has thirteen pairs. Her friend Alyssa also likes shoes and she has eleven pairs. How many fewer pairs of shoes does Alyssa have than Victoria?

Alyssa has two fewer pairs than Victoria.

29. This year the local police force has nine officers which is four fewer than last year. How many officers did they have last year?

They had thirteen officers last year.

30. Noah has just moved school. His new class has eighteen students in it. This is four more than his last class. How many students were in his last class?

There were fourteen students in his last class.

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