Money Word Problems: Post-assessment Worksheet

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Questions 1 to 3 assess skills in applying operations to money with decimals.

1. Steven has $45.10 cents in one savings account, $140.97 in his checking account, and $200.45 cents in cash. How much total money does Steven have?   Steven has a total of $386.52.    

2. Carlo has $500.25 and his sister has $475.88. How much less money does Carlo’s sister have than him?    Carlo’s sister has $24.37 less than Carlo.    

3. Chase buys 5 new video games at $15.10 each. How much total money did Chase spend?    Chase spent $75.50 in total.    

Questions 4 to 6 assess multi-step money problem solving skills.

4.    Johnny spends $5.25 on candy, $4.75 on soda, and $7.50 on DVD rentals. If he starts his evening with $20, how much money does he have left?
   He has $2.50 left.    

5.    Mr. Stalk wants to buy new books for his class library. Five students donated $2.50 each. If he splits that money between two genres (fiction and non-fiction), how much money does he have to spend on each genre?
   Mr. Stalk has $6.25 to spend on each genre.    

6.   Jose has $125.99 left over from his holiday money. He buys three DVDs that cost 10.25 each. How much money does Jose have after buying the DVDs?

   Jose has $95.24 after buying the DVDs.    

Questions 7 to 8 assess skills in solving money word problems with fractions.

7.     The total cost of a field trip was $280. The cost of transportation is ¼ of the total cost of the trip. How much money was spent on transportation?  
  $70.00 was spend on transportation.    

8.   Trisha’s mother agrees to help her buy a new computer. The laptop she wants costs $810.50. If Trisha’s mother pays for ½, how much does Trisha need to pay?

   Trisha needs to pay $405.25.    

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