Word Problems Involving Fractions (Nutrition Themed) Worksheets

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A fraction is a number that has a numerator, the top part, and a denominator, the bottom part. In this worksheet, you will learn and practice solving word problems involving fraction.



  • Proper Fraction
  • Improper Fraction
  • Mixed Fraction

Proper Fraction

  • It is a fraction in which its numerator has a smaller value than its denominator.  
  • It has a value of less than 1 when simplified

Improper Fraction

  • A fraction in which the numerator is equal or greater than the denominator. 
  • It has a value of equal or greater than 1 when simplified
  • It can be transformed into mixed fraction

Mixed Fraction

  • It consists of a whole number and a proper fraction.
  • It has a value of greater than 1 when simplified.
  • It can be transformed into improper fraction.

Word Problems Involving Fractions (Nutrition Themed) Worksheets

This is a fantastic bundle which includes everything you need to know about Word Problems Involving Fractions across 21 in-depth pages.

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Worksheets Activities Included

Ages 8-9 (Basic)

  • Healthy Breakfast
  • Bake Some Breads
  • Milk From Cows
  • 8 Glasses of Water
  • My Favorite Fruits

Ages 9-10 (Advanced)

  • Zumba Day
  • Nutritional Plan
  • Sleep Early, Kids
  • Veggies for the Body
  • Watch Out What You Eat