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The term quadrilateral can be simply defined as a two-dimensional closed figure with four sides. Basically, there are two-dimensional shapes classified under quadrilaterals such as square which has a certain property.


In geometry, a quadrilateral is defined as a closed, two-dimensional shape which has four straight sides.


  • A quadrilateral has 4 sides, 4 angles, and 4 vertices
  • A quadrilateral can be regular or irregular
  • The sum of all the interior angles of a quadrilateral is 360°


  • PARALLELOGRAM – Opposite sides are parallel and equal. Opposite supplementary angles are equal.
  • SQUARE – All sides are equal. All right angles are equal and measure 90°.
  • RECTANGLE – Opposite sides are parallel and equal. Opposite right angles are equal and measure 90°.
  • RHOMBUS – All sides are equal. Opposite angles are equal.
  • TRAPEZOID – Only one pair of opposite sides are parallel. Adjacent angles add up to 180°.

Understanding Properties of Quadrilaterals Worksheets

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