Recognizing Symmetrical Figures 4th Grade Math Worksheets

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In geometry, symmetry happens when two or more parts are identical after a flip, slide or turn.



  • This comes from words “syn” which means “together” and “metros” which means “to measure”.
  • This means agreement in dimensions, due proportion, arrangement, having a common measure, even, proportionate. 


  • The “Line of Symmetry” is the imaginary line where you could fold the image and have both halves match exactly.
  • It is also known as reflection symmetry where one half of the picture reflects the other side, in half, of the figure. 
    • Vertical Line of Symmetry- A line which runs down an image. Thus, dividing it into two identical halves.
    • Horizontal Line of Symmetry. A line that runs across the image thus dividing into two identical halves.

Recognizing Symmetrical Figures Worksheets

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