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Measures of Time (Airport Themed) Math Worksheets

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Measures of Time (Airport Themed) Math Worksheets

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  • Time telling is the way we describe what time it is and what it represents.
  • One of the easiest way to tell time is with the use of digital clocks. They show the time in its numerical form.
  • Another way to tell time is with the use of analog clocks. This type of clock uses 3 main components, the “Hour Hand”, “Minute Hand” and the numbers encircling the clock.


  • Telling time with an Analog Clock can be somewhat confusing.
  • We have 2 main parts, the Minute Hand which is the Longer hand, the Hour Hand which is the Shorter Hand.
  • Sometimes a Second Hand is also used, more often than not it is denoted by a red hand.
  • You can know the Hour depending on where the Hour hand is.
  • To tell the minute, look at where the minute hand is and multiply it by 5. For example, if it is in the “4” that means it is 20 minutes. When it is at 12 it means 00 minutes

Measures of Time (Airport Themed) Worksheets

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Worksheets Activities Included

Ages 5-6 (Basic) 1st grade

  • Hurry Up Little Suzy!
  • Time Management?
  • Who’s landing First?
  • Time Difference
  • Fleeting Time

Ages 6-7 (Advanced) 2nd Grade

  • Aero Traffic
  • All in Order
  • Flight Attendants
  • Paper Plane Dream
  • Final Flight