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  • Circle is a shape that has no sides or edges. It consists of all points lie at an equal distance from the center of the circle. 
  • The distance from the center of the circle to any point on the plane is what we call radius.
  • The diameter of the circle is the distance from one point passing through the center to another point on the plane.


Area of a circle refers to how much space the circle takes upon a surface.

Formula:  A = πr2

Where r is the radius of the circle

  • Radius measures half  the length of the diameter.
  • Diameter measures 2 times the length of the radius.

Area of a Circle (Home Decorations & Furniture Themed) Worksheets

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Ages 10-11 (Basic)

  • Circle Thoughts at the Living Area
  • Radius and Plant Racks
  • Home-y Task
  • Clock Layouts
  • Circular Decors and More

Ages 11-12 (Advanced)

  • Sophisticated Chandeliers
  • Study Table
  • Beautiful Floor Lamps
  • Working at the Bedroom
  • Home Decors For Sale