Math Word Problems Worksheet

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Read through each word problem thoroughly. Make sure to cross out unneeded information and determine what is the most essential information to solve the problem. Lastly, solve the problem.

1. Charles owns a toy store and to store his inventory of toys at his home office he keeps them in plastic containers. Each container holds 12 toy boxes and he has 278 toy boxes. How many containers does he need?

24 containers

278 ÷ 12 = 23.166. The answer must be a whole number. 23 would not be enough as they would hold only 276 (23 x 12) boxes. So 24 containers are required.

2. Grandma Janet loves to bake cookies. To make the cookies Grandma Janet needs 1¼ cup of oatmeal, 2 cups of white sugar and 1¾ of brown sugar. How many cups of sugar in TOTAL does she need?

3¾ cups

We just need to add the amounts of the two different types of sugar.
2 + 1¾ = 3¾

3. Todd wants to buy a new video game for $43.31. He has $55.50. The sales tax is 8.5% of the total purchase. Does Todd have enough money to purchase the game?


We need to find 8.5% of $43.31 then add that to $43.31 to find the total cost.
$43.31 x 8.5/ 100 = $3.68
$43.31 + $3.68 = $46.99 which is less than $55.50 so Todd has enough money.
Hint: You might be able to answer more quickly by rounding up and estimating. e.g. round $43.41 up to $44 and round 8.5% up to 10%

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