Free Addition & Subtraction worksheets and activities

Select from the options below and explore the printable resources, activities, examples, and guidance that are available to help your children with addition and subtraction.

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Print and practice adding and subtracting with over 100 worksheets.

Memorize addition and subtraction facts using flash cards and other printables.

Have fun with these addition and subtraction games.

Develop number sense. e.g. associate counting numbers with groups of objects, compare using terms like “more”, “less”, “same”, model addition and subtraction by manipulating groups of objects.

Think about numbers as being made up of different pairs of components. e.g. 5 can be made up of a 1 and a 4, or a 2 and a 3. Develop and apply strategies for mental calculation by thinking this way.

Deal with the place value system and make the big step from adding 7 + 2 to solving 7 + 5 using strategies such as making 10.

Using various strategies and "tricks" to help learn and memorize important addition and subtraction facts.

Tackle 14 different types of addition and subtraction situations by understanding them in terms of the addition or subtraction operations required.

Add and subtract numbers using algorithmic methods.

Compose and de-compose tens and hundreds when subtracting numbers.

Assumptions To Watch Out For

  • Do not assume that your children know to read “+” as plus or add. Similarly ensure they are confident in their understanding of the minus (“ - “) symbol.
  • Do not assume that because your children can solve 7 + 8 = in the horizontal format, they automatically can solve the same addition when it is formatted vertically.
  • Do not assume that your children find adding or subtracting zero as being obvious. This is especially true for those who have experience with multiplication where the operation with zero results in an answer of zero.