Statistics & Probability

Grades K-8 Worksheets

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Representing Data using Table and Charts Worksheets

Students typically begin their formal study of Statistics and Probability in 6th Grade. The resources on this section of will help you to help your children with their work on statistics and probability.

What is in the Statistics and Probability section?

Pie Charts
Identify and represent data in fractional slices.

Represent data as equal-width bars on a histogram

Scatter Plots
Show strong or weak data correlations on a diagram.

Mean, Median, & Mode
Calculate various types of average for datasets.

Rate of Change
Identify the rate of change of a linear function.

Measure and calculate the probability of various outcomes.

Statistics & Probability Worksheets

Below are listed printable worksheets that provide questions to practice what is covered in the lessons above. Each worksheet includes a "show answer" option and is formatted for easy printing.

Statistics Worksheets

Probability Worksheets

Google has got a great Data Explorer that you can check out . There are lots and lots of data examples there.