Printable math puzzles

The math puzzles listed below provide a fun and challenging way for students to practice basic math. The first batch of puzzles involve multiplication and, in particular, the memorization of multiplication facts.

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Printable Multiplication Puzzles

Crosswords Multiplication Crossword (to x10) 
Multiplication Crossword (to x12)
Multiplication Squares Multiplication Squares (Fiddly) 
Multiplication Squares (Tricky)
Number Jumbles Multiplication Jumbles (Fiddly) 
Multiplication Jumbles (Tricky) Multiplication Jumbles (Trickier)
Multiplication Boxes Multiplication Boxes (2x to 7x Tables)
 Multiplication Boxes (7x to 12x Tables)
Hundreds Grid Hundred Grid Puzzles (10 Variations)

All the math puzzles above are formatted for easy printing. Most of the puzzles also have an option to display the solutions.