Fractions Worksheet: Writing

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Illustrating Equivalent Fractions Using Fraction Models
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Write the fraction in words e.g. 2/3 = two-thirds
34 = three-fourths 13 = one-third 58 = five-eighths
25 = two-fifths 5⁄6 = five-sixths
14 = one-fourth
17 = one-seventh 23 = two-thirds 29 = two-ninths
56 = five-sixths 110 = one-tenth 78 = seven-eighths
Write the fraction using numbers
four-fifths = 45
three-sevenths = 37
one-third = 13
five-eighths = 58
seven-ninths = 79
two-fifths = 25
one-half = 12
five-sixths = 56
three-eighths = 38

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