Dividing Mixed Numbers by Fractions Worksheets

Download Dividing Mixed Numbers by Fractions Worksheets

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Dividing Mixed Numbers by Fractions Worksheet


Dividing mixed numbers by fraction involves the multiplication operation. In addition, its one process or step is to convert the mixed numbers into improper fractions.


Step 1: Write the given. Convert the mixed number into improper fraction.
Step 2: Write the reciprocal of the divisor, then multiply.
Step 3: Perform the simple multiplication of numerators and denominators.
Step 4: Since the answer is expressed in improper fraction, convert it to a mixed number in lowest term.

Dividing Mixed Numbers by Fractions Worksheets

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Worksheet Activities Included

  1. Swimming Steps
  2. Help!
  3. Second Duties
  4. Resort Escapade
  5. Caution!
  6. Lifeguard Hall of Fame
  7. Luna Etoile Garden Resort
  8. Resort’s Rules
  9. You Coach
  10. Swimming Lesson

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