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By how much does a number change?

Each place has a value – 1, 10, 100, or 1000. When we put digits in these places they show how many ones, tens, hundreds, and thousands the number has in it.

If we change a digit, the number will change depending on what place that the digit was changed.

Let’s look at by how much a number changed when these digits change.

We’ll start with 247 and we’ll change the 2 in the hundreds place to a 1.

The number is now 147. It is a hundred less than 247. We took away 1 hundred.

Let’s start with 422 and change the 4 to a 3.

The number is now 322. It is a hundred less than 422. Again we took away 1 hundred.

This time we’ll start with 571 and we’ll change the 7 to a 3.

The number is now 531. We took away 4 tens.