Addition of Functions (Ages 12-14) Worksheets (Festival themed)

Addition of Functions Worksheets

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What is a Function?

→ It is an expression, law, or rule that defines the relationship between a variable and another variable. One of the variables is the independent variable and one is the dependent variable.


This is an example of function: 


f(x) = dependent variable
x = independent variable

What are independent and dependent variables?

Independent variable:
It is the variable that represents a certain number. For example, x can be equal to 3, y can be equal to 4, and so on.

Dependent variable:
It is the variable that represents the value of those that is being added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided. For example, f(x) = x+3(2), g(y) = 32/y.

How do we add functions?

We just add functions like how we add the variables, the constants, and the coefficients. For example, we are asked to add the given functions:
f(x) = 36x + 3, g(x) = 2x+5

First, we must rearrange the functions:
f(x) + g(x) = (36x + 3) + (2x + 5)

We then remove the parentheses, then we arrange them according to their variable.
36x + 2x + 5 + 3 

After arranging them, we can now add these!
36x + 2x + 5 + 3 = 38x + 8 

We should also simplify these to their lowest terms.
38x + 8 = 19x + 4

Therefore, 19x + 4 is the final answer. It’s easy, right? 

Addition of Functions Worksheets

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Resource Examples

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Worksheet Activities Included

Ages 12-13 (Basic)

  1. Carnival Tickets
  2. Trapeze Show
  3. Can you Juggle the Balls?
  4. Popcorn Avenue
  5. Lion, King, and Fire

Ages 13-14 (Advanced)

  1. Music Festival
  2. Festival Ceremony
  3. Fairground Ride
  4. Giant Clowns!
  5. Eating Contest

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