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Writing and Evaluating Algebraic Expressions Worksheets
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Answer the following questions:
1. . In the expression 4 x (2 + 6), how does having the “4x” in front of the parentheses affect the overall value of the expression?
a. The value is the same b. The value is four times greater
c. The value is four times less d. The value is six more

2. . In the expression 5 - (8 x 7), how does having the "x7" after the 8 affect the overall value of the expression?

a. The value is the same b. Seven times more gets subtracted
c. Eight times more gets subtracted d. Twice as much is added
Write an expression to match the words given. Note: Parentheses are not needed to show multiplication or division happening first, because the rules for the order of operation already say that they come before any adding or subtracting.
3. Three times the difference between eighteen and thirteen 3 x (18 - 13)
4. Five less than the product of eight and three 8 x 3 - 5
5. Twelve minus the product of nine and seven 12 - 9 x 7
6. The difference between sixteen, and the product of seven and two 16 - 7 x 2
7. Ten more than the quotient of thirty-six divided by nine 36 ÷ 9 + 10
8. Twice as much as the sum of eighteen and eleven 2 x (18 + 11)
9. Twenty-four less than the product of six and seven 6 x 7 - 24
10. Thirty-seven more than the quotient of twenty-four divided by eight 24 ÷ 8 + 37

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