Money Word Problems: Pre-assessment Worksheet

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Questions 1 to 4 assess knowledge about when to apply each of the four operations to word problems.

The 4 questions below are to do with the 4 arithmetic operations: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

1. Which would be the best operation to use for finding the difference between two numbers?   subtraction   

2. If you had four items that all cost the same amount. What operation would be best for finding the total cost of them all?    multiplication    

3. Which of the four operations would be best to use when sharing things equally?    division    

4. Some problems need two or more operations to help solve them. Is this statement true or false ?   true    

Questions 5 to 8 assess students knowledge of money

5.    How many cents are in one dollar?    100   

6.    Write $120.00 using just words.    One hundred twenty dollars    

7.    How many cents are in a Quarter?    25    

8.    How many quarters are in one dollar?    4    

Questions 12 to 15 assess knowledge about decimals and simple fractions

12.    Write 0.25 as a simple fraction.    ¼    

13.    What fraction of 1 dollar is $0.50?   ½   

14.    What number is one half of 100?    50    

15.    What number would you divide by to find ¼ of something?    4    

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