Addition/ Subtraction Word Problems: Worksheet #1

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Work through the questions below with your children. Help them with words or phrases that are unfamiliar with.

1. A school has eight teachers. If two new teachers start working at the school, how many teachers will there be in total?

There will be ten teachers in total.

2. Luke had scored seven goals. After his last game his total moved up to ten. How many goals did he score in his last game?

He scored three goals in his last game.

3. Sol has six cousins. If two of his aunts each give birth to a new baby, how many cousins will he now have?

He will now have eight cousins.

4. In a soccer game one team had two players sent off. If they started with eleven, how many players were left on the pitch from that team?

There were nine players left on the pitch from that team.

5. Joel is playing pool and has potted five balls in a row. How many more does he have to pot to reach a total of eight balls potted?

He has to pot three more.

6. Sean is on a fourteen day holiday. He has eight days left. For how many days has he been on holiday?

He has been on holiday for six days.

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7. There are four chairs around the kitchen table. If four more chairs can be fitted around the table, how many people will be able to sit around the table?

Eight people will be able to sit around the table.

8. Mel wants to use the express checkout but is allowed only twelve items. She has to put three items back to leave her with twelve. How many items did she have before she put some back?

She had fifteen items before she put some back.

9. Three children start playing basketball at recess. By the end of recess there are a total of twelve children playing basketball. How many children joined the three who were playing at the start?

Nine children joined the three who were playing at the start.

10. Jack had twelve friends for a big sleep over. Three of them had to leave early because they had too much ice cream. How many friends were left for the sleep over.

There were nine friends left for the sleep over.

11. Bronwen buys herself two new console games. This means she now has a total of eight games. How many games did she have before buying the two new console games?

She had six console games before buying the two new ones.

12. Maria has fourteen friends on her social network. How many friends will she have if she adds five new ones?

She will have nineteen friends.

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13. When Zach started swimming lessons there were five students in the group. When he finished his lessons the number of students had increased to nine. How many students joined the group after the start?

Four students joined the group after the start.

14. Will is playing an online game. When he starts there are fifteen players. After twenty minutes there are only nine still playing. How many players must have left the game?

Six players must have left the game.

15. One class at school has sixteen students. After the holidays two new students join the class. How many students are now in the class?

There are now eighteen students in the class.

16. Shelley is helping her Dad wash the windows. It takes a long time. They have cleaned eight and their are still six more left to do. How many windows needed cleaned when they started?

Fourteen windows needed cleaned when they started.

17. Sam’s team had seven games left until the end of the season. They then played two games. How many games did they then have left?

They then have five games left to play.

18. Ben was asked put some chairs around a table before dinner. There were already six chairs but there needed to be a total of ten. How many more chairs does Ben need to put around the table?

Ben needs to put another four chairs around the table.

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19. Melissa posts a photo on a website. Right away thirteen people add a comment to it. The next day three people comment on it. How many people will then have made a comment?

Sixteen people will then have made a comment.

20. Joshua had eight pairs of shorts but he gave four pairs away because they did not fit him anymore. How many pairs did he have left?

He had four pairs left .

21. Kelvin is given eight questions for homework. He does some of them before dinner. After dinner he has five left to do. How many questions did he do before dinner?

He did three questions before dinner.

22. Joshua’s team has scored fourteen goals this year. In the last game they scored two. How many goals had they scored before the last game?

They scored twelve goals before the last game.

23. Sophie’s family is extending their house. It used to have two bedrooms but after the building work it will have five bedrooms. How many bedrooms are being added?

Three bedrooms are added.

24. Sara has scored six goals for her team this year. She scores three in her next game. How many goals has she now scored?

She has now scored nine goals.

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25. Leanne had seven books from the library. She takes three of them back. How many books does she have left?

She has four books left.

26. Shaun is having a party. The last three people arrived late and made a total of fourteen at the party. How many people were at the party before the three that arrived late?

There were eleven people at the party before the three arrived late.

27. Emma posts of photograph onto a website one evening. When she goes to sleep the photograph has eight comments. When she wakes up in the morning she checks and finds that it has seventeen comments. How many comments were added while she was sleeping?

Nine comments were added while she was sleeping.

28. Brad has taken seven books out of the library to help with a project. He goes back the next day and takes four more books out. How many books does he now have out of the library?

He has eleven books out of the library .

29. Olav’s dog has given birth to some puppies. Three have been given away and there are two left. How many puppies did Olav’s dog give birth to?

Olav’s dog had five puppies.

30. Andy loves playing tennis. At the start of the year he gets a present of twelve tennis balls. By the end of the year he has lost most of them and only has three left. How many tennis balls did he lose?

He lost nine tennis balls.

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31. Jenny’s team has just won four games in a row. This means they have now won a total of eighteen games. How many game must they have won before they won four in a row.

They must have won fourteen games before they won four in a row.

32. Vince has twenty minutes of talk time left on his phone. If he talks for eight minutes, how much time will have left?

He will have twelve minutes left.

33. In a project at school Michele has to write about seven different countries. She has already written about four. How many more countries does she have to write about?

She has to write about three more countries.

34. Nicole has eight candles on her birthday cake. She blows six of them out. How many candles are still to be blown out?

There are still two candles to be blown out.

35. Joel is learning to play golf. He played on Sunday and lost four golf balls. He now has eight golf balls left. How many golf balls did he have when he started playing on Sunday?

They had twelve golf balls when he started on Sunday.

36. There a sixteen children swimming in a pool. Three children dive in and start swimming too. What is the total number of children swimming in the pool?

There are nineteen children swimming in the pool.

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37. Ashley is generous and likes giving her toys away. On Saturday she counts that she has fourteen dolls. She gives some to her best friend and she then has only eight left. How many dolls did she give away?

She gave away six dolls.

38. Lindsay’s class finishes the year with twenty students. Three new students had joined the class that year. How many students were in the class at the start of the year?

There were seventeen students at the start of the year.

39. Sven is allowed to invite eight friends to his birthday. He invites six. How many friends can he still invite?

He can invite two more friends.

40. Jessica’s family was having a fun holiday. They decided to add some extra days and turn their seven day holiday into a ten day holiday. How many days did they add?

They added three days.

41. Selene’s family is having a get together at a campsite. Seventeen people are there for lunch and then three people arrive late. How many are at the campsite now?

There are then twenty people at the campsite.

42. The Carter family have just bought a pack of six toothbrushes. They take four of them out the pack to use. How many are left in the pack?

There are two left in the pack.

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43. Jordan has already taken seven books out of the library. She takes some more books out on Friday and reaches her limit of fifteen. How many more books must she have taken out on Friday?

She must have taken out eight more books.

44. A hockey team has fourteen jerseys but that never seems to be enough so the coach buys three more. What is the total number of jerseys that the team then has?

The team then has seventeen jerseys .

45. Sue is doing a charity walk with her friends. They must walk for six miles. Eight of them finish the walk but four of them dropped out and did not finish. How many of them started the walk?

Twelve of them started the walk.

46. Eight boys are hoping to find some more players so they can have a team of eleven to play soccer. How many more players do they need?

They need three more players.

47. Jerome has been on holiday for seven days. He has seven more days left. How many days is his holidays in total?

His holiday is fourteen days in total

48. A class at school started the year with twelve students. At the end of the year there were fifteen students in the class. How many students joined the class during the year?

Three students joined the class.

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