How To Play Mr. Wolf

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How to Play “What time is it Mr. Wolf?”

  • Choose “Mr. Wolf”. Ask Mr. Wolf to stand at one end of the playing area.
  • Mr Wolf turns his or her back.
  • The row of children step slowly towards Mr. Wolf. As they do this, they chant: “What’s the time Mr. Wolf?”
  • They stop once this is said and Mr. Wolf will turn around and answer a time (for example, 4 o’clock).
  • Mr. Wolf turns back again and the children continue to advance repeating the chant, waiting for a response and so on.
  • Eventually they will be standing very close to Mr. Wolf. Mr. Wolf can, at any moment once the line of children is close, respond “Dinner Time” in a loud growl, instead of giving a real time.
  • This is the cue for lots of screaming and running because now Mr. Wolf has to chase the rest of the children and tag one of them.


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How to Play “What time is it Mr. Wolf?” (Continued)


Change Mr. Wolf. The child who is caught (tagged) becomes the next Mr. Wolf

The more players, the merrier. There are numerous variations on this game. Mr. Wolf is sometimes called Mr. Fox and “dinner time” can be replaced with “midnight”. In some versions, the children stay still while they ask Mr. Wolf the time and take one step forward for each hour he says it is (7 steps if it’s 7 o’ clock, for example).

For a version with a little more strategy, have Mr. Wolf keep his or her back turned the whole time so that he or she has to guess if the children are close enough to chase. In a more competitive version for older children, the child Mr. Wolf tags is “out” and Mr. Wolf resumes his or her place for the next round. However, if one of the children gets close enough to tag Mr. Wolf before “dinner time”, or if all of the children reach a designated safety zone before Mr. Wolf catches them, Mr. Wolf is out. The next Mr. Wolf is either the child who tagged Mr. Wolf or the first child to have reached the safety zone

This game will result in lots of screaming and hilarity. Make sure you live in an understanding neighborhood. It’s not that great for indoors unless you’re in a large space, such as a gym.

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